Caulfeild Cove Townhouses


Caulfeild Cove is a 4.5 acre community of 30 spacious, comfortable townhouses built upon part of William Francis Caulfeild’s farm. Mr. Caulfeild travelled through this area in 1898 and bought his land the next year, 1899. Folklore has it that our complex is built on what was the orchard, and originally a number of historic trees remained in the garden area. Only one, a walnut, remains on the lawn North of unit #9.

The development was built in 1974 as a new and unique architectural design intended to make the most of the surrounding landscape. Caulfeild Cove Town Houses, designed by Ronald Howard and Barclay McLeod Associated Architects, was one of the winning projects of the Canadian Housing Design Council's 1974 awards program.

Below is a three-page article from a 1974 trade journal that gives some interesting background on your new home. Apparently our complex was a bit revolutionary in some of the techniques used in its construction. As residents of Caulfeild Cove, we are proud of our shared history!