strata council

Our strata council places a strong focus on proper upkeep and maintenance of the grounds and buildings of our development. Repairs are normally seen to immediately after being reported and a large proportion of the total annual budget is devoted to maintenance and enhancement of the property. We are all proud of the beauty of our property and it is the intent of the council to manage this property in such a way that it will continue to be recognized as one of the best strata properties in the Lower Mainland. We believe in investing time and money to protect your pride of ownership as well as your financial investment.

Six of the thirty owners sit on the strata council ensuring a varied and thoughtful view of the needs of the community. Three additional owners take a hand in beautifying the gardens and guiding the efforts of our professional gardeners.

Our professional property managers keep a close eye on the operations of the community and offer strong leadership in governance.

Caulfeild Cove is a special place. Although situated on the main East-West route in West Vancouver, it is secluded and private enough to ensure that it is a peaceful place to live, surrounded by nature in a beautiful setting.

The Cove’s residents are primarily retired professionals, but there are also a small number of residents that are still active in the work force and a modest number of families with children still at home. All are interested in the management of the complex and their participation in Strata activities is welcomed.

Our strata council is proactively committed to the proper maintenance of all common property as a review of Council minutes will confirm. Also, we work constantly to improve the appearance and amenities of “The Cove” to maximize owners’ enjoyment of their homes and to protect and enhance the value of their investment in an exceptional community. Please review the enclosed information closely; it will help you maximize your enjoyment of your new home.

 We are a “pet friendly community and most of the residents are pet owners.

You will note that the North and West sides of the property have been left in a natural, wooded state giving the property a “country” feel that contrasts very nicely with the beautiful gardens inside the ring of five residence blocks.  Our property offers you enough size and variety of terrain to make it a good destination for quiet walks. Further, our close proximity to Lighthouse Park enhances your opportunities to engage with nature.

Fred Bowyer,

Chair of the Strata Council

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