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Our pride and joy are the lush gardens and mature trees and forest surrounding our homes. A key part of the original design and build, for 40 years the gardens have been developed and maintained by the strata through professional gardeners and resident volunteers as one of the most important features of our property. Today the gardens are mature and fully evolved and while we are planning to do minor renovations over the next few years (to replace over-grown plantings) we will always strive to preserve our tranquil and energizing oasis. You are encouraged to use and enjoy the gardens to the fullest extent. Pull out a lawn chair, grab a book and a cool drink and relax!


undeveloped space

DSC_2904 forest to the north.jpeg

To the west and north of the buildings are some areas left in natural, undeveloped state. Tall cedars and mossy fern groves can be found and enjoyed as part of your surroundings here in Caulfeild Cove. Wander through and enjoy the tranquility and close contact with nature as part of your amenities on the property. We only ask that you remember that these areas are part of our property – therefore please pick up after your dog when walking in the undeveloped space as well as the rest of the complex.


swimming pool

DSC_2808 pool in the gardens.jpeg

Our swimming pool sits in the heart of our central garden, and from late-May to mid-September we heat the water in the swimming pool to roughly 27 degrees Celsius.  You are encouraged to use and enjoy the pool as much as you like during this period.

On summer Friday afternoons from 5:00 to 7:00pm we have informal drinks around the pool to catch up with friends and neighbours.


social life

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Caulfeild Cove enjoys a strong sense of community and our residents are an interesting and friendly group of people. There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy little chats while walking around the gardens, sitting by the pool or wandering in the forested sections. If you prefer you may keep to yourself as much as you like--no one will intrude on your sense of privacy. The unique design of our complex ensures plenty of privacy when you want it and plenty of chances to catch up with your neighbours if that is your wish. 

Once a year in the summer the strata sponsors a Garden Party in the east garden. It is a chance to come out and meet your neighbours, enjoy a glass of wine or a pint of beer or a soda water and nibble on some finger food. This is generally held on a mid-week evening in July and is a great opportunity to meet new residents or catch up with old ones.


pet ownership

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Restrictions on pet ownership are getting all too common in strata properties these days. We here at Caulfeild Cove know just how much the companionship of a pet can mean to residents and so we like to think that our policy towards pets is quite liberal. Many of our residents have pets and most of us know the names of our neighbours’ pets and are happy to greet them while they are out on walks through the property.

You are allowed to keep one of more of the following:

(a) a reasonable number of fish and/or other small aquarium creatures, excluding snakes;

(b) a reasonable number of small caged mammals;

(c) up to 2 caged birds;

(d) two dogs or two cats, or one dog and one cat.

We only ask that you ensure that your pet(s) do not become a nuisance to other residents.